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Bayside Masonic Development | Gardenvale

Value: $18 million
Client: Freemasons Victoria
Builder: Buxton Construction
Architect: The Buchan Group
Timing: Due for completion 2018

The development of the Freemasons land in Gardenvale entails a solid building marking Freemasons history with an expansive showroom and retail space on ground floor, level 1 carpark,  level 2 childcare centre and office tenancy and level 3 a fully fited level of masonic lodgesrooms.

An extensive value management process was undertaken to ensure that the cost efficiencies  were obtained without losing the solid grounding nature that represents Freemasons.

A refinement of Freemasons operations has ensured no wasted space, but allowing for expansive areas to accommodate the members.


Asciano | North Sydney

Value: $5.5 million
Client: Asciano
Builder: Buildcorp Interiors
Architect: Carr Design Group
Timing: 13 months

Asciano Sydney fitout is 6,200 sqm over 7 levels including a large interconnecting stair with void cutouts in existing post tension slabs to link 3 of the floors to maximise the vertical integration of the 440 staff that are moving to this new office facility.

The works include major base building upgrade works to bring the building up to spec for the high end Asciano fitout.


BCG Digital Ventures | Sydney

Value: $2.6 million
Client: The Boston Consulting Group
Builder: Renascent
Architect: Carr Design Group
Timing: 7 months

Integration of a high end digital fitout inside a heritage building in George Street Sydney.

This project involved fitout works over 3 levels, as the headquarters of Boston Group’s new digital business.

This fitout was highly detailed by Carr Design with client expectations of seamless detailing and finishes to represent a very fast moving digital world and a fitout to suit.


Mount Street | North Sydney

Value: $500k
Client: Private Developer
Builder: Cumberland Building
Architect: HDR Rice Daubney
Timing: 3 months

The conversation of this once established hospitality venue has been transformed into a boutique office space with the introduction of a feature curved mezzanine level to accommodate a range of potential tenants.

The space has been designed and value managed to meet a range of tenant options whilst maximising not only the  floor space and open nature of its 2 storey height, but also having 2 street frontages and full wall glazing systems.


Digital Signage | Nationwide

Value: Up to $1.5 million per site
Client: Private Investors

Nash procure town planning where required for static and digital signage applications, progress site investigations, design, tender and management of the construction works  related to signage infrastructure nationwide.

We work with leading advertising companies to meet the growing digital medium of the industry.

Locations of signs include iconic curved signs, large format, above and underground railways, motorways, airport, shopping centres, external roads, waterways, etc.


Commercial Developments

Value: Up to $10 million per site
Client: Private Investors

We work with creative commercial and retail development groups to progress a number of combination development plays incorporating subdivision infrastructure, service stations, retail, childcare centres, carpark lots in newly created subdivision lots across various sites.

Our team are there to strategially manage the developments through town planning, design, tender and construction stages as we look to refine delivery and clients expectations.


Ecoville | Tarneit

Value: $30 million
Client: Private Developer
Architect: Various house residential, civil and commercial builders 
Architect: Various
Timing: 48 months

The Ecoville development contained the following elements;

  • Sub-division of 8 superlot parcels of land over 6 stages (100 lots per superlot)
  • Leisure and recreation area
  • Community centre and tennis court
  • New roadways and infrastructure
  • Substations, water main, sewer systems all created and integrated into local authority systems