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About Us

Nash Management Group are a well-established, proactive, success driven project and development management company that focuses on their strengths, communication, commitment, knowledge and a team approach credo.

We aim to provide the most thorough and strategic project delivery consulting services possible, to ensure total development success.

We deliver this successful project outcome by setting clear goals based on the realities of the specific project and the delivery requirements. These clear goals allow the project design team to take a systematic approach to delivering the project.

We identify the key issues required, we establish the effective systems, and then we build an integrated and seamless consultant design team to enable the most thorough set of for tender and for construction documents possible which would be evident through the final tender results received from the suitably selected list of building tenderers we would approach. 

Our integrated and seamless processes enables us to work closely with our clients, with the overall aim to manage our clients property interests,  to minimise business and property risk and to procure the best value and quality for the project. We strive for repeat business from our clients and for this, we need to exceed our clients expectations throughout the delivery process, from conception right through to completion.

The development process is all about the management style executed and we make sure that the right person manages the project, as we believe that it is the quality of the project manager and team leader that will directly influence not only client satisfaction but the total project success.

Overall, we work for a structured fee that does not compromise the decision making process. We offer a single point of responsibility to obtain the successful development, we provide innovative solutions to new problems and finally, we believe that managing people is our business niche. 

We offer project, development and construction management consulting services to the following sectors of the industry;